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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Silicone Dildos

A lot of women today buy silicone dildo online to maximize their fair chances to get the most out of their sexual life. Silicone dildos are sex toys fashioned in the same structure like a male penis that can help provide a surpassing sexual experience for women. Dildos help you simulate the sexual encounter with a top performing male and are hence highly preferred for heightening your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. When you have planned to procure the best silicone dildos or have one with you, here are a few tips to get the best pleasure from your sex toy.



Go for foreplay first
Whether you plan for a sexual encounter with your partner or use a sex toy on yourself, foreplay is essential if you are looking forward to a great sexual experience. Before using the dildo, do some masturbation or go for oral sex. He natural lubricant will help ease the dildo penetrate easily inside you. To be able to handle the size, your mind set is very important. While not being relaxed, there are chances that you will resist the toy inside you and it will become very hard to insert it.


Lube up yourself
You will need a long lasting and thick lubricant when you wish to experiment with larger sex toys. This is true especially when you wish to try out anal play with your dildo. Silicone lubricants can last for long and will not need frequent application. Hence they work best when you look forward to zero interruptions.


Warm up yourself by using smaller dildos
Be slow and stretch yourself stage by stage by using smaller size dildos first. This is even true with the use of vibrators. The smaller ones prepare you very well and your body will gradually learn to adjust with the bigger size. This can also help you relax and this strategy is a must when you are about to try a bigger toy. When you gain enough practice with smaller sex toys, you will be able to get the best out of your sex plays eventually.


Discover the best position
When you want to open up for inserting the dildo, you must remain in the most comfortable position. Lying on your back and placing a pillow under your rear to increase your height can help you slide your sex toy deeper inside you. However, the best position can vary between persons and you are the best one to discover it yourself.